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america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. we have new details about federal operation that put gun in the hands of criminals. fast and furious is not just the code name for the mission. it also describes the pace at which we are learning explosive information about the operation, and the alleged government coverup. correspondent william la jeunesse has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: operation fast and furious was supposed to stop guns going to mexico. that didn't happen. now investigators say not only was the u.s. allowing guns to be spent south of the border, but an f.b.i. informant, the former drug king pen who had been deported bought guns with taxpayer money. the f.b.i. and the dea knew it. but failed to tell the a.t.f. >> without a doubt they had a
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responseability to do that. in government, the left hand ought to know what the right-hand is doing. >> reporter: senator grassily initiated the investigation in march. >> for the first time, we have confirmation of f.b.i. and dea being involved. now we want to know whether there is other people in justice, above those people involved. >> reporter: according to investigators, there are. thanks to fireworks acting atf director kennelson fired off on july 4, when he privately met with congressional investigators. sources say nelson complained about the f.b.i. whose secrecy caused the atf to spend thousands of man hours and millions of dollars. pursuing information the f.b.i. already had. about a suspect that would likely not be arrested because he worked if for f.b.i. >> there is no way that any a.t.f. agent could have orchestrated or conducted the program which was a multi-jurisdiction program that had justice department, u.s. attorneys, and more importantly wiretaps authorized very much above
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kennelson's pay grade. >> reporter: in a letter last night to attorney general eric holder, congressman issa and grassily alleged justice department coverup saying, "atf leadership appears to be effectively muzzled. while the doj sent over false denials and buried its head in the sand. that approach distorted the truth and obstructed our investigation." >> you can assume that the president takes this very seriously. >> reporter: the white house says it's waiting on the results of an interim investigation, but congress will continue its own probe. >> who is responsible for it? who knew about it? >> reporter: the justice department said late today it was cooperating with congress to the extent it could. it did not answer if the f.b.i. and dea knew guns were going to mexico. often with their consent. at this point in time, going forward, bret, investigators are expected to zero in on what the justice department lawyers knew in phoenix and in washington, d.c. back to you. >> bret: we'll stay on it. thank you. president obama today warped
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of a second recession, or something worse. if the debt limit is not extented before it is reached early next month. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler reports it set the stage for the next round of negotiations. >> reporter: on the eve of talks of cutting the dealt ceiling, the president held a tweet-up. town hall meeting with questions submitted through twitter and and what some say was an attack on the republicans' unwillingness to compromise. >> debt ceiling should not be used as a gun against the heads of the american people. to eck tract tax breaks for corporate jet sewners! sewner -- jet owners. >> reporter: mr. obama continues to ask for revenue to be part of reducing the deficit, but the republicans don't think the resistance to that is unreasonable. >> you're taking dollars away from the individuals and entities we're expecting to
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create jobs right now. we can't raise taxes in this economy. >> democrats say george w. bush caused the problem, cutting taxes and fighting wars in iraq and afghanistan at the same time. >> that is exactly whatdy under the george w. bush. look what happened? the biggest deficit. >> democrats familiar with the debt discussion say the president will push for $1 trillion in deficit reduction, in ten to 12 years, twice over the priest talks and what they focused on. >> what i am hoping to see in the next few weeks people put dogmas aside, the sacred cows aside and come together to say here is a sensible approach. >> mr. obama pioneered the president's use of social media, holding q&a sessions at facebook and youtube. but his critics use social media to attack him. up with of the questions today tweeted by house speaker john boehner who asked where are the jobs?
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american crossroads placed what amounts to a free attack ad on youtube. when things don't go his way. >> if we don't have the revenues. >> we'll say what it takes. >> there are kids throughout not getting college scholarships. >> reporter: critics say the president hopes to up the antiin the debt ceiling and make it more likely to reach a deal. any agreement will have painful spending cuts. in a big deal, lawmakers may find them worthwhile. state republican leader mitch mcconnell says they all want a deal but they fear a big tax increase. >> bret: the director of the capital of economic advisors will join us in a moment. federal appeals court barred any enforcement on the ban on openly gay service members. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco says the "don't ask, don't tell" policy must be lifted immediately. they repealed it in september
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but the pentagon is working on the transition. we learned today that the shooter in the fort hood massacre will face death penalty in his court-martial. army sigh control psychiatrist nidal hasan faces charges in the shooting spree at the texas army post. authorities are warning airlines that terrorists may try to con seem explosives within their bodies. we have more on the story we told you about tuesday, about a terror suspect being brought to the u.s. to face criminal charges. national correspondent catherine herridge has defails. >> reporter: this court in southern district of new york is where somali national to ties in yemen and somalia will be tried. the senate minority leader told fox the case belongs in a military court at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> i think the american people are opposed of trying foreign terrorists in u.s. courts. they're not interested in being on the jury. most of them are not wild on
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being a prosecutor or a judge. think of the security problems. they'll be this witness protection program for the rest of their lives. >> they were picked up off yemen and held for two months. he was interrogated before being read the miranda rights. not being specific, administration officials say the suspect provided "valuable intelligence." they said the decision to try the suspect in a federal court was the same right and protection as a u.s. citizen was "unanimous by the white house defense and justice department." last month, the attorney general said in virtually every terrorism case he will push for federal court. >> in disrupting potential attack, interrogating, prosecuting terrorists there is quite sam pli no more powerful tool than the civilian court. >> reporter: in december, democratically controlled congress blocked transfer of
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the guantanamo bay detainees to criminal court. they have moved unilaterally and done an end-run around the administration. >> congress is now mad. they will say you fooled us once, fine. you won't do it again. a slap in the face of the legislative bodies who are trying to work with the administration on crafting detainment framework for high value detainees outside of afghanistan. >> according to the indictment, the somali suspect has ties to the al-qaeda affiliate in yemen. the same group was behind the underwear bomber christmas day of 2009. they tell us terrorists may implant explosives in their body to circumvent security. it sent a warning to brief overseas security agencies and the u.s. officials say the threat is not imminent. they describe intelligence as credible. >> bret: more on this with the panel. thank you. increased communication and cooperation between iraq and
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iran. has many people in this part of the world concerned. meantime, there could be extented stay in iraq for american troops. national security correspondent venner if griffin connects those dots. >> improvised rocket controlled munitions made in tehran. trained by militia in iraq and placed on the back of flatbed truck. the target, u.s. military personnel and the bases as the remaining forces prepare to leave iraq by the end of december. 15 americans were killed in june. the deadliest month for u.s. personnel serving in iraq in more than two years. >> our military commanders in isle rack are worried about irarian influence growing in iraq. >> in baghdad, iran prime minister welcomed iran vice president and 170 iranian companies who came to lobby for lucrative business contracts. just a day earlier, u.s. ambassador jim jeffrey on a trip to open the new u.s. consulate in basra warned u.s. commanderrers are seeing more lethal and accurate weapons flowing into iraq from
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iran. a view echoed by joseph lieberman who just returned from afghanistan yesterday. >> they have the blood of a lot of people on their hands, including hundreds of americans who have been killed in iraq as a result of the iranian training and equipping of extremists militias. >> but the number two u.s. military commander in afghanistan would not say publicly the amount of iranian weapons in afghanistan was spiking. >> that level is just about the normal level of arms. and ammunition that crosses borders in the volatile region each year. they have not increased significantly in the past two years. >> bret: behind closed doors that's not what the commanderrers told the visiting u.s. senators. >> i did receive information that weapons coming out of iran to help the taliban at a crucial moment in afghanistan. >> as the president hurries to bring 3 #,00 33,000 troops homen the next year
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in iraq, the white house is indicating they'd like to leave 10,000 troops, despite the agreement that calls for all forces to leave by the end of the year. so far, the prime minister has not made any request. he was busy meeting the iranians. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> bret: nato secretary-general says time is running out for libyan leader quad quad quad. thequad -- libyan leader muammar gaddafi. they have destroyed hundreds of military targets since the campaign began in march. libyan prosecutors say they will charge the rebel leaders with the national security crimes. hundreds of rebels launched massive offensive in the mountains of southwest tripoli today. taking the america out of captain america. that is later in the grapevine. but first, the plight of the under
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>> bret: minnesota governor mark dayton met with lawmakers again today as the government shutdown continues there. no progress has been reported so far. the democratic governor and the g.o.p. legislators are trying to close a $5 billion deficit. stocks were up today. the dow added 56. the s&p 500 gained 11/3. the nasdaq closed 8-1/4 ahead. we tell you every week about the millions of americans who are unemployed. tonight, a look at people who have jobs far beneath their level of expertise. senior national correspondent john roberts reports on the
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underemployed. >> i was making a good salary. i was traveling a lot. i had nice benefits. >> a nice way to fall for janet from recruiting manager at a big new york law firm to picking up odd jobs. >> i got tremendously depressed. i had days where i couldn't get out of bed. it's hard to motivate yourself. >> same story with damien in winston, salem, north carolina. >> four jobs. i felt like i had loser tattooed to my forehead. >> the hardest part was telling his young daughter there wasn't enough money to make ends meet. >> she would bring her piggy bank and say daddy, why don't you break in the piggy bank so that you can pay some of bills. >> ten popsicles, $25. >> steven carse. analyst at insurance giant aig, now selling popsicles on the street of atlanta. >> the main thing is when i lost my job you feel helpless. three people, all forced to survival jobs to pay the bills.
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the underemployed. according to gallup, one in five working americans are in the same boat. it was the school teacher who lost her job. she had two jobs bagging groceries. >> damien hears all the stories. after losing his first job at sarah lee in the early '90s, he founded professionals in business. non-profit that counsels people who have been downsized. the psychological impact of under employment, he says, is devastating. >> they can't look you in the eye because they're ashamed of what has happened. >> i decided i'd do whatever i could do. >> anything included bird sitting for college, workings on extra on television shows and selling some of her gold for cash. all this with an ivy league education. >> you feel terrible. you feel like i went to school for this and i should be doing this and i had a job doing that. but at the same time, you meet
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people in the same situation. >> stephen was forced to move his new condo to his brother's couch. he drifted through a number of survival jobs. even selling cot top candy at turner field. >> it was a good job and we made pretty good mup, just not something that someone wants to grow up to do for their career. >> what about the popsicle cart you ask? here is where the story takes a twist. that's not his job, it's his company. he partnered with his brother nick who quit his job as county prosecutor to make gourmet popsicles. a small business beginning to take off. >> don't be satisfied where you are. don't have your own feelings hurt. just kind of keep trucking along, going for what you think is what you should be doing. >> as he is reinventing himself, so, too, is janet. >> i have more resumes. >> she went freelance with her recruiting skills, contracting with startup like and she coaches ivy league students on how to get hired. in all, she is working sick jobs. the money is a quarter of what
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she was making but it left her enough time to become a single mom which has changed her life. >> i'm happy every day i wake up and he is here. that has changed my mind. my job is no longer the focus of my life. >> if i didn't tell you i was in a panic mode, i'd be lying. >> damien hasn't worked full-time in two years. he has high praise for the underemployed. hardworking americans struggling just to keep from going under. >> if you are unemployed in america, and you have taken a stop the loss job. hold your head high. you have nothing to be ashamed of. >> the psychological impact of underemployment has been measured. gallup found that the under employed were far less satisfied with life than people who had a full-time job. the type of job they wanted to have. the difference was particularly acute, bret, moping those with a clem or
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post graduate education. >> a tough situation. john, thank you. still ahead -- why presidential candidate mitt romney has left the country. but up next, one of the president's top economic advisors, talks about the debt ceiling and the negotiations
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>> bret: president obama hosts congressional lawmakers thursday at the white house to try to come to an agreement to increase the debt ceiling. joining us now to discuss the situation is the director of the national economic council gene sperling. thank you for being here. >> thank you, bret. thank you for having us. >> bret: senator dick durbin said earlier today the framework of the discussions tomorrow at the white house should be essentially the bowles-simpson plan, the deficit and debt commission.
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that wasn't talked about a lot after it came out is that the framework you are starting with tomorrow for a big deal? >> i think what is the framework and what is similar to that is that you want something that puts everything on the table. you want something that is an honorable compromise, between the parties. that means that you got to as the president said check your ultimatum and politics at the door and find where is the common ground? that means you'll have to cut spending, significantly to help us get out of the deficit hole we're in. the president is saying to all sides you can't come there with the idea there can't be a penny of medicare savings or a penny of revenue even on corporate tax expenditures. we have to look for the common ground because this isn't just about increasing the debt limit or preventing us from going into defult. it's about something much more affirmative. it's about showing the world even with divided government we can come together.
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bring down our deficit and get our fiscal house in order and give thite confidence that this is the best place for long-terlong-term investment ins and growth. >> bret: gene, some republicans are upset saying the white house is false and misleading, saying the republican have not come to the table with any concessions. a few moments ago, senator jon kyl from arizona. as you know, he was part of the talk with vice president biden said that text revenue -- tax revenue increases have been on the table. not tax increase but the tax revenue have. listen to this and i want you to respond. >> it has been on the table. we have been talking about increased revenues. we're not talking about increasing taxes. if the government sells something and gets money from it, that is revenue. if there is a user fee of some kind. if we want to raise it to keep up with the times, that is revenue. if you add up the revenues that we have agreed to, we republicans agreed to, it's
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between 150 and $200 billion. >> bret: so the statement that republicans are putting a gun to the head that they are not coming to the table with anything, is that disingenuous? >> well, listen, i was obviously at the table for the biden talks. we have a commitment we don't talk about what was said and not said in the room. i think there is no question that you have had many republican leaders make comments like no revenues at all. if that is wrong, we welcome that. as the president said, we can't get a bipartisan agreement if you don't have a willingness for people to do things that they don't want to. part of a bipartisan compromise that is good. we understand that if you are going to do serious debt reduction, you need shared sacrifice. that means among the american people; meaning, you are not putting all the burden on seniors and middle class families, or asking those that are the most formnate and has
4:26 am
the most power to take a pass or contribute. it means telling the political parties they have to go to their base, we compromised and we did things we'd prefer not to. but on the whole, the sum is greater than the parts and this is good for the country. if it's correct they are willing to put revenues on the table, good news. it will make it easier for to us get bipartisan agreement to help this country and economic confidence. >> bret: let me ask about a former member of the administration speaking at a campus progress event earlier in afternoon. van jones said this. that it is a moment of maximum peril for the nation, the accused republicans of throwing miles per hour values under the bus in the name of a fake deficit crisis. does the president believe this is a fake deficit crisis? >> absolutely not. we don't agree with that in the slightest. in fact, the first thing i said here even with you is that this is not just about giving people the coverage to vote for debt limit. this president believes to create that kind of confidence
4:27 am
we need to unleash funds and unleash long-term ininvestments that create jobs. we need to show market and the american people we can bring down the deficit and put ourselves on a more sustainable course. of course you have to do it in a smart way, not a way to hurt recovery. he wants to do things like extent the payroll tax cut and help 150 million families make ends meet and make sure we have the demand to give job creation the boost it needs. bipartisan idea. this president believes very much that this is an affirmative, positive goal to bring down our deficit in a way that invests in our future and still helps the recover create jobs. >> bret: i want to ask you one more thing, gene, about your former boss. former president clinton was in aspen this past weekend. he was asked about raising the corporate tax rate. he said this, "it made sense when i did it. i doesn't make sense anymore. we have uncompetitive rate. we tax at 35% of income. although we only take in 23%.
4:28 am
so we should cut the rate to 25%, or whatever is competitive and eliminate a lot of deductions so we still get a fair amount and not so much variance in what the corporations pay." do you agree with the former boss? >> i'll tell you what the current boss said at the "state of the union." he wants corporate tax reform to reduce the loophole and tax breaks to lower our rate and have a competitive international rate. >> bret: is that on the table tomorrow? >> you know, that hasn't been as much on the table because that has been more considered a deficit neutral proposal. what is on the table tomorrow for everybody is how we bring the deficit down, how we can bring the debt down and get on a sustainable path that creates confidence. and growth and gives people the confidence to start investing in the long-term job creation at the rate we would like. >> bret: gene sperling, director of the council of the economic advisors. thank you very much. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: next up in the
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grapevine, a familiar political story with an unexpected twist. taking the patriotism out of cats in america.
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the administration has purposefully imported a terrornist the u.s. providing him all the rights of a u.s. citizen in court. this id log calorie gidty displayed by the administration is harming the national security of the united states of america. >> disrupting potential attacks and effectively interrogating, prosecuting and prosecuting terrorists there is simply no more powerful tool in our civilian court system. >> bret: somali national with alleged ties to yemeni will be tried in southern
4:41 am
district of new york. he was picked up according to u.s. officials in the gulf of aiden and held on a navy vessel for two months, interrogated there before read his miranda rights. late this afternoon, 42 senators, republican senators sent a letter to eric holder the attorney general there you see it. saying we urge you to reconsider the policy of brings terrorist to the homeland for prosecution. they asked that you provide congress an estimate of the added expence to be incured by the local police to protect the court involved. bring in the panel about this. steve hayes, for stand stand. a.b. stoddard, associate editor of the hill. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we foreshadowed this in questioning, steve, monday by senator lindsey graham. he was asking about detention policy. then we got word it was happening. >> in a couple of weeks ago, you had admiral mcgraveen in front of the senated a about the detention policy broadly and he said in effect there is
4:42 am
no detension policy. we do it on ad hoc basis, and we don't know what we're doing from one case to the next. it would be nice to have a place, secure facility to send the folks to hold them and to interrogate them. there is such a place, of course. it's guantanamo bay, cuba. up with of the things that this makes clear is if administration is willing to go to just about any length to avoid sending somebody to gitmo. there was a somali detainee also liaison between two terrorist groups. in 2009. many of the same characteristics of this person was rated a high value detape knee. and he was simply released by the obama administration back in 2009. sent back to somalia. this individual was capture under circumstances we're still learning about, the evidence we aren't service accounts. he's not as high ranking as irali was. you have him interrogated on
4:43 am
the navy ship, brought to the united states and given the right of u.s. citizen. are we going to have intelligence operators and systems in effect acting as overseas and csi investigators. >> bret: in december, congress passed a law, piece of legislation that blocked the transfer of guantanamo bay detainees to the u.s. to criminal courts. essentially some analysts are saying this is the administration doing an end end-around that piece of legislation. >> bret: it potentially is it doesn't mean it's a new policy. first, they don't have a lot of captures and it's criticized for not having adequate captures. many of the people have been killed. they might find a way one more time or two more times. make at it policy. they can potentially use military vessels at places to indefinitely hold detape knees. what i think it show --
4:44 am
detainees. i think it shows -- i don't mow that they will but they are struggling with the guantanamo bay policy. which is to abandon that facility clearly. what i think this case shows is that they are thinking their position on miranda rights and the protection of suspects has evolved. they did not want to offer the right to attorney or anything as quickly as they have in the past. they spent time with the suspect. they're arguing that a military commission will be more challengin challenging in s instance because the suspect is not charged with specific attack. the charges are less. so the argument is zillian court is a place to more successfully this type of suspect. >> bret: this has evolved. it's bounced back and forth. many people on capitol hill say where are we? >> the one thing that constant is the administration, aversion to guantanamo and to any use of it. i don't see it struggling over
4:45 am
the guantanamo issue. it's against it in the testimony that mcgraven had given on june 28 that steve alluded to, he said there were many cases like the case of this somali. meaning terrorists caution, brought on ship and they have a policy. either you go to america and get a civilian trial in this case or you are released to a friendly country or in to the world so you can attack america again. now what is interesting is mark gleasson from the "washington post," so mall hi we are talk about is the only guy who has been brought to the united states for trial. as a result of this. which means many cases, every other of the many cases has been released. either to a third of country -- o >> bret: or is still on a
4:46 am
ship somewhere. >> or is released anywhere or to their country to take up the fight against us. that is the scandal. the only reason that these have been released is because this administration will not allow the use of guantanamo. how can you release the terrorists to fight against america again. when facility to try them in military court and have them secure from attacking americans. >> bret: next up, cooperation between irap and the middle east militants that could lead to extented duty for u.s. troops in iraq. back in a
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our military commanders in iraq are very worried about
4:50 am
iranian influence growing in iraq. i did receive information that weapons were coming out of iran to help the taliban at a crucial moment in afghanistan. i don't see any coherent strategy by this administration to push back against iranian ambitions in the region and go nuclear. this to me is a moment in time where engagement would matter. >> bret: senator graham about increased intelligence that iran is funneling weapons not only to militants inside iraq but also inside afghanistan. this is as the administration is considering extenting the tour of duty for up to 10,000 u.s. troops he in iraq, at the request of the iraqi government no decision time. back with the panel. charles, what about this? >> the most disturbing news here is that the iraqi militant who have been attacking americans are no longer even concealing origin of weapons. ie, irani. which shows utter contempt for
4:51 am
this administration and the president's willingness to do anything serious about iran. which is by proxy killing americans in iraq and afghanistan. with increasingly open brazenness and using peppery of iranian origin. this administration was committed to two things at the beginning. getting out of iraq at all costs. that is what obama has been doing. we aren't going to get any, even though it's now all about leaving some troops. it's probably too late. the iraqis are not going to ask us. on iran, the only interest is engagement, it didn't do a thing in 2009 uprising. tremendous opportunity to have regime change in the region, change the reality in the region. didn't do a thing. interested in engagement. it knows it can do anything and obama will not respond.
4:52 am
>> ab, just today iraq prime minister welcomed iran vice president. 170 iranian countrys looking for lucrative business contracts inside iraq. there you see the video. clearly they're worried about this, especially since weapons are tied to iran. they have been. charles said it's more open. >> this isn't a surprise. this is a problem in 2003. it's a problem all along that iran was infiltrating the shia militia. meddling in iraq. we knew it would increase when we began to drawdown. not a surprise. it's happening in afghanistan and it becomes a problem because prime minister nouri al-maliki doesn't have political support to ask us to stay. it's too late the we pull out, prompting a situation where we might be called back in. that is the worst possible
4:53 am
scenario under any circumstances. that just can't happen. we are in a situation where we administration may be asked to stay. the iraqi police can't stand up to the influence, they can't stand up if we leave. the administration knows that. >> bret: understand that 10,000 u.s. troops is different than 50,000. you have to provide protection for the 10,000. it's logistic challenge to leave 10,000 there. >> it's specificity. if you listen to carney yesterday at the white house, press briefing, they might ask us to stay iraqis or they might not. as if the united states in a bystander. in the senate, to do the things in our national security. a.b. says we've known it for a long time. by most accounts it picked up
4:54 am
in the last six to 12 months. the level of support. the training the funding. what i find particularly outrageous is we've had the presidential statements on turkish independence day, on juneteenth. negotiations in south cartifan but not a presidential statement on iran targeting americans in iraq and afghanistan? where is that presidential statement? >> bret: june was the deadliest month for u.s. personnel in iraq in more than two years. >> it shows you that retreat is one of the most dangerous operation in any military campaign. we're now -- well, it's not retreat but it's leaving. it's difficult because troops are drawn down. the supply lines are stretched. the enemy knows you're leaving. president committed to leavin leaving. same with afghanistan. he sends a signal and knows america will be out.
4:55 am
who will you support? stay with the americans, we'll leave you or edge your bets. it's a problem. obama did not push hard as he should have early on to ensure that we would have somer perhaps and cooperation with the iraqi government. >> down the row, short answer. troops on the ground after the deadline in december? >> iraqis won't allow it. >> i don't think so either. >> i think they might. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuped to see how one side does not fit all at the white house. service was very moving, wasn't it?
4:56 am
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finally tonight, today's guest earlier in the show, the director of the national economic council spoke at an event earlier today where he referenced speaking at a white house under two tall presidents. >> i want to tell you, first of all, that one of the really great things about coming to a place like this is having
4:59 am
podiums that fit your size. i'm 5'5". i worked for two presidents who are 6'3". they designed the podiums in the white house for the president, not their short economic advisors. >> where is bob's box anyways. >> anything i can could >> thank you, help. ahh. >> went to the ar archives for that one. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. drop me a tweet at bret underscore baier about the show.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY U.s. 21, Afghanistan 11, Us 11, America 10, Iran 8, Bret 4, United States 3, Penn 3, Obama 3, Damien 3, Yemen 3, New York 3, Pentagon 2, Biden 2, George W. Bush 2, Navy 2, Underemployed 2, The F.b.i. 2, Taliban 2, Washington 2
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